As the motion begins
You start to feel
A mix of feelings
Not knowing what’s real

Excitement runs through
The unknown awaits
You begin to test your limits
A journey, every moment creates

You conquer the mayhem
You’ve set yourself free
Doubt wanders in
Close your eyes and you’ll see

Roads never seen before
Mountains never crossed
Curious eyes upon you
You feel safe for a moment, even when lost

An unknown path
You turn for comfort
A familiar scent
The memory of a lesson once taught

A troubled road
Never before travelled
Air so thin
Your engine forever battled

Over the peak
Upon the sunset
A moment of bliss
True beauty, now met

Upon your return
A breath is taken
A beat is heard
Consciousness has finally awaken

The end in sight
You stop for a brief moment
What do I truly believe
Only something I have chosen


Message from My Awakening

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