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A Step Towards the Unknown

for when you're not sure

As the motion begins You start to feel A mix of feelings Not knowing what’s real Excitement runs through The unknown awaits You begin to test your limits A journey, every moment creates You conquer the mayhem You’ve set yourself free Doubt wanders in Close your eyes and you’ll see Roads never seen before Mountains

Am I lost or afraid?

A poem for all.

A Poem For All We are faced with decisions every moment throughout our short lives. We make sure that where we end up will be the best for us, so we try and make the ‘right’ decision. But where we end up won’t make us who we are, the journey we take and what we

I define success, well, I try.

How everyone can achieve success

Success… The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Broad, I know. So according to that definition, we as individuals can define our own success by what we set out to achieve. Sounds so simple, but does that ideal truly reflect the society in which we currently live in? We live in a world where success