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A Step Towards the Unknown

for when you're not sure

As the motion begins You start to feel A mix of feelings Not knowing what’s real Excitement runs through The unknown awaits You begin to test your limits A journey, every moment creates You conquer the mayhem You’ve set yourself free Doubt wanders in Close your eyes and you’ll see Roads never seen before Mountains

I Say Ghost

A spoken word piece by Josh Carell

What more can be said? Littlefoot & Co events are just getting better and better. We have seen a lot of the same faces attending these events since My Awakening has been involved with the organisation, and you can actually see the development of each of them. It’s a wonderful and inspiring realisation. Leading by example is

In Two Minds

A poem by Joshua Giuliani

Littlefoot & Co events bring out the best in me. It’s amazing how confronting it is talking about the things you are passionate about in a room with 20 other people – and even more confronting when it’s in the form of a poem! These events really do help develop a true understanding of your

Elevator To The Moon

A poem by Josh Carell

A Littlefoot & Co Spoken Word Piece Elevator to the Moon by Josh Carell. Littlefoot & Co events turn regular people into vivid, captivating, honest, imaginative and expressive poets. The opportunity to express ones self in front of a crowd of people does something to a person. They become real, raw, passionate – they become