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Have You Heard Of The Crusades?

Islamophobes have a short memory

Islamophobia is now a prevalent feature of western culture, especially in the US. All western countries would have pockets of individuals guilty of Islamophobia in the current landscape. In its most basic form it’s a fear fuelled by the media and adopted by social dogma influencers, as a result of recent attacks on western countries. Most

Blessed Be Thee, Oh Lord Father Zeus

Everybody's an atheist to something

When I was a full blown devout Christian who had never questioned his faith, the concept of atheism was extremely foreign to me. Having gone to a Catholic school for my entire school life, everyone that I was friends, enemies or indifferent with were ALL Catholic, so the first time I met an atheist I

OMG it’s good being an Atheist

How life is more meaningful without Religion

A common mis-conception about atheism is that life is more empty without the promise of an eternal and blissful after-life. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, the opposite is true. Life becomes more amazing and worth living when you throw away the limiting rhetoric of religion! This article is all about my

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to… Horus?

How Jesus' and Horus' stories are significantly similar

Christmas is a great time to be around family and friends, give gifts, laugh, eat and watch Tim Allen movies. For me, an atheist, that is where the significance ends. For Christians however, the holiday is so much more – it represents the birth of Jesus, the central character in the New Testament of the