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The Streak

Episode #2

I first wrote on MyAwakening just over a month ago with ‘A little each day equals a lot at the end of the day’ and am happy to report that I now have a much better name for my two cents of progress every month. Here I write about my existing Streaks, new Streaks, things

A Step Towards the Unknown

for when you're not sure

As the motion begins You start to feel A mix of feelings Not knowing what’s real Excitement runs through The unknown awaits You begin to test your limits A journey, every moment creates You conquer the mayhem You’ve set yourself free Doubt wanders in Close your eyes and you’ll see Roads never seen before Mountains

Being Genderless.

(A Thank You Letter To My Mother)

I need to begin by saying Mum, if you’re reading this, I want you to try and stick with it until the end. I know that some of this will make you uncomfortable and there are parts, which you’d rather I didn’t mention but it will get better. I promise. As far back as I

Have You Heard Of The Crusades?

Islamophobes have a short memory

Islamophobia is now a prevalent feature of western culture, especially in the US. All western countries would have pockets of individuals guilty of Islamophobia in the current landscape. In its most basic form it’s a fear fuelled by the media and adopted by social dogma influencers, as a result of recent attacks on western countries. Most