The below is a poem by a good friend of My Awakening – Jeremy Carne.



by Jeremy Carne

The preface for what you’re about to hear, is that I don’t know much
My brain is only so big, and I read and learn and such!
So whatever I’m not that clever. However!
Suppose for a moment we chat about. Hmm. What? The weather!?

I think it’s fair to say with all the data you can find, that our knowledge is notable, yet confined to our mind
A cloud can hold some water, but is water defined, by two molecules of hydrogen with one oxygen combined?
Because when we go a little deeper on a quantum scale, there’s a whole new world, a whole new law, that can only be the tail
I think it’s a miracle. To our brain unintelligible
Perspective illogical, cannot be narrowed to our mind!

Atoms make our frame, it’s the quantum theory claim
proof we’re unified is our building blocks are the same!
Smart may have the brains, stupid has the balls
Do you do a handstand on a gondola?
Do you flush the toilet saying “au revoir”?
Do you snorkel underwater in a spa, while trying to smoke a cigar, and play a little guitar?

Smart had an idea, the one good one it had
An idea to be ‘stupid’, a perfect launch pad
For whistling while your working, or smiling as you fall
Happily acknowledging it’s all a miracle

Our culture ain’t so fine. It’s a pretty paradigm
But pretty ain’t so pretty, when drowned in wine!
Taking stupid, to chaos! With a gluttonous ethos
It’s no surprise there’s no roots, on our vine!

Give hugging some time. Let love be the sign
Put swine in production line and we don’t even call it a crime?
Be lead by a frankenstein of the great divine combined, with Buddha, Jesus, and Albert Einstein!
Imagine our design in a century of time
Let me define an opine; my cloud nine
Love will run the world, politics will refine
Hate will have no home, in our heart or our mind
We’ll look back on today, and be kind of benign
Accept our evolution to a species divine
Reach in, and rise up, each step is a sign
I love and accept you all. You’re given a day so you can shine

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