Littlefoot & Co events bring out the best in me. It’s amazing how confronting it is talking about the things you are passionate about in a room with 20 other people – and even more confronting when it’s in the form of a poem! These events really do help develop a true understanding of your life philosophy and passion points though. A passion point for me, that has been bubbling away for quite some time now, is our mindset – how it works, why it is the way it is and how to control it. You can read about my position in Who Is In Control, You Or Your Brain?

The Littlefoot & Co event held last week was a spoken word night. This was my piece. It is called ‘In Two Minds’.


Awareness is the key to taking back control.

People have been trained to accept their feelings,
Instead of being encouraged they’re told to sit there reeling.
“You can’t help it,
It’s just who you are.
You just feel that way,
Changing is just too hard.”

I hear excuses but the ego mind agrees,
It tells you to listen,
The excuses are good,
They will set you free.

But I’ll tell you the day I took back control,
I sat in a room and heard Jarett Lefers speak:
Your feelings, thoughts, memories and emotions,
They’re all just states of minds.
Controlled by your brain and your brain is meek.

Awareness is the key to taking back control.

Understand that your feeling is a product of your mind.
Sit there, relax, think of a time you were happy.
Focus on that moment and see what you find.
The result will be happiness.
A gift from your brain.
It’s harnessing your emotions,
Letting go of your ego,
And it can all be attained.


Let me know what you thought in the comments below, and have a look at the video of the night. Quick shot of me delivering the poem at 1:13.

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