5 Ways to Self-Improve

When I was younger I was selfish, egotistical, competitive, careless, materialistic, narrow minded and highly religious. I was also a nice guy – and that’s the problem, western culture has established an environment where someone can be all of these things and it is considered normal.

I was recently able to shake this self-satisfying facade, and it became apparent that expanding my knowledge and refusing to accept arbitrary social dogma was even more satisfying than going along with the system.

Our mission at My Awakening is to open people’s minds, expand their consciousness and add more scope to the collectively accepted perceptions of certain topics. There are many different people out there thinking a different way to you, and we want you to read about and understand their side of the story.

That’s the point – we want to stop people having set beliefs and opinions without first questioning them. Question it all!

I questioned many things in my life, some things I held onto and others I threw away. I also picked up heaps of new things along the way. One thing is for sure – the process itself drastically improved my mental wellbeing and clarity in life.

We hope you find our blogs meaningful, inspiring, thoughtful, educative and that they challenge your way of thinking.

Joshua Giuliani
Founder of My Awakening