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So much has happened in the last 3 months! I need to blog about my streak more often. Time is just flying.

This is post number 3 of my journey of transformation since November 2015.
If you would like to read my first or second posts, click here and here.

The Streaks are still pumping along with some great progress. I’m getting super busy though so I’m mindful of fitting everything into the day.

This post is a little lengthy as it’s been so long, however I’m sure that there’s some value in it as much of this has helped me greatly.



Morning Routine – Day 218
Spanish – Day 267
Touch Typing – Day 135
Reading – 1 Audiobook, 2 paperback, 4 podcasts & about 30 short ebooks
Flossing – 18 months

  • I continue to write down 11 things that I am grateful for, I stretch, then I do some exercise. I took pushups back to 50 when I hit 100, then to 10 clap push ups and now I’m talking a break. The main reason is to rest my back as I’m not getting to the gym enough to work it. Sit-ups are 100 every day. Plank is 120 seconds every day.
  • Duolingo is the app that I am learning Spanish with. Download it now! By the way, I somehow forgot one 24 hour period and my 249 day streak went back to zero. Devastating. This could have been avoided too if I hab have put purchased a ‘streak freeze’ for 15 lingots (I have 530 lingots built up). I can’t bare to call it an 18 day streak so it’s a 268-1 streak.
  • Touch typing is getting progress. tells me that I can hit around 50+ words per minute now. 100 wpm here we come!
  • Flossing – Only floss the teeth that you want to keep 🙂


My Streak has lead me to be more productive, to put myself in the position to be offered more opportunities, to say ‘YES’ to more and to add value to what I can offer others.

One awesome opportunity that my Streak has lead me, was the chance have my blog post featured (read out by the author Justin Molik) on America’s Optimal Living Daily Podcast. Basically I wrote a piece on how I ‘Hustle the Habit’ and broke it down into 5 steps of how I developed and keep my Streak going and how I get the most out of it. Click here to listen! Here’s the main excerpt:


‘To now put this all into 5 steps for you to take control and harness the power of Hustling a Habit:

  1. Start a morning routine that incorporates what you are grateful for, your goals, some exercise and what you want to learn.
  2. Keep track of your progress and always be looking to add/alter/change your routine as you improve and can handle more.
  3. Tell someone about it, blog about it or at least tell your facebook friends so you are now accountable for that progress. ‘Burn your ships’ as the story goes.
  4. Prioritise your time and your tasks to ensure that what is most important is being completed – and being completed when your mind is at it’s sharpest. Look to add even 30 minutes in the morning to your most crucial project. What’s most important, is often the most difficult and what we’re first to postpone.
  5. Be proud of yourself and plan. Once a week look back and see just how much you achieved that week. Once a month sit down with your partner or a friend and speak about what you achieved in the last month and what you want to achieve in the next. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, you’ve come a long way.’

Click here to listen to the rest of that piece


I have started a new Streak! Getting up at 6am four days per week. I have spoken before of the benefit of getting up early and spending the first couple of hours every day on a given project. I found that getting up at 7:30am wasn’t early enough to really take control of the day. There are too many distractions. The day is so still and quiet at 6am that I can work for hours. I am not disturbed usually until after 9am with a phone call or emails (I really have to stop allowing them to pop up on my screen and check them twice a day like Tim Ferriss) or some form of interaction with someone. My aim is to get to 5am.

I say to myself every day ‘If I keep doing what I’ve always done, I’ll keep getting what I’ve always gotten’. So I am constantly doing things that I’ve never done before and am conscious of needing to think bigger than I ever have before.

My focus had to shift from solely White Pony Entertainment for a few reasons, opportunities, interests, industry status etc. To lead into the next section ‘Business’, Feel free to read and/or listen to ‘The top 10 business lessons that I learned Directing White Pony Entertainment’ if you’d like to hear about my journey at my company. Read it here or listen to it here.



In the last post we were still trying to raise 400k for a start-up app. That fell through at the 11th hour, which was very frustrating, however I am extremely grateful for the experience and the lessons that I learned. I will be creating a blog post on that whole journey and posting it to in the coming weeks. The biggest lesson here was that nothing is certain until that document is signed.

Since the app fell through, Josh Giuliani (who I was working with on the app) came to me with a fantastic opportunity to launch a company in the Entrepreneurship, small and medium business, social media, web development, lead generation and the open-minded learning space. It’s called Outsett. It officially launched June 6 with weekly subscription email, a Podcast (Which can be found on the Podcast iPhone app – Outsett Podcast) and a Blog with the core offering of the business model to be released in the coming months. The opportunities that have already presented themselves are crazy and I can’t wait to take them up and grow this company into something enormous.

We’re giving away The Social Media Grail. It’s a FREE 30 something page eBook where we delve into the top 10 ways to use the top 10 social media applications to dramatically increase your business. It was really fun to make and there’s plenty of value in it, so click here if you want a FREE copy! I’d love your feedback 🙂

I have also launched Prestige Wedding DJs and am just about to launch SEO to ONE. I’ll be pushing these ventures very hard shortly.

I am also involved in an app (different to the one mentioned earlier) with some fantastic opportunities in the near future – but more on this next post.

We’ve run a few special events with White Pony this year such as Soda Pop & Cherry Red reunions, which have been so much fun, with another 5-10 events (and potentially more) coming up for the remainder of the year.

What I have found with Outsett, is I am just amazed at how many incredible products exist. We must be utilizing 30 different types of software.

Technology and how quickly we are advancing amazes me! I’m a huge Elon Musk (Space X, Tesla, SolarCity) fan and I think that he’s the most important person in the world. We will build statues of him. The only person who will top him is the person who works out how to clone meat as the world isn’t going to go vegan, however for our planet to survive, we need to stop the agricultural industry in the next 20-50 years. Watch Cowspiracy here to learn more.

Anyway, back to Elon and the other day I watched a clip of the Tesla driving itself. Just unbelievable! Click here to watch it.


I have read some incredible blog posts this year. My favourite 5 posts that I have gotten the most out of and/or think have the most valuable content are:

Noah Kagan – How to Create a Million Dollar Business this Weekend

Ramet Sethi – Real World Blue-Print for a $5-Million Week

Josh Giuliani – How to Start a Side-Business in Two Weeks

Shopify – The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Tim Ferris – Speed Reading



  • Instapaper is my favourite software at the moment.
  • Rescue Time helps you to keep track of how you are spending your time at the computer each day. Just how much of your time is spent on Facebook?
  • Zootopia is a brilliant film. Very entertaining and some important messages in there too.
  • Colin Furze is amazing. Check out his vids.
  • Grum allows one to schedule Instagram posts and for them to actually get posted and not just prompt you to physically post it yourself at the scheduled time! Sensational.


Do you have a suggestion of another skill that I should add to my Streak?

My Dad always said to me:
‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

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