The age of the vegetarian and vegan is upon us

More and more restaurants targeted at vegetarians and vegans are popping up around Melbourne, and almost all good restaurants have vegie or vegan options. For some people who eat meat it is incomprehensible the thought of sticking to a diet without steak, chicken, or bacon in the mornings. For a percentage of other meat eaters, in my experience, they unfortunately see vegetarians and vegans as attention seekers, or confess that they don’t actually care that animals are mistreated in farms – as this is a generally well known fact now.

My diet still includes meat, however I have a long term goal to wean myself off it. What is important is we all have an awareness of the consequences produced by the animal agriculture industry. With that information you will have a better understanding and appreciation for vegans and vegetarians, and be able to make an informed decision about your future eating habits.

Below is a list of three documentaries that really opened my mind, educated me and helped me grow as a person. Two of my very good friends introduced me to these, and now I want to share them with you, the reader. I recommend you watch all three to gain a diverse understanding of the moral and material effects of the animal agriculture industry. Expand your consciousness and check them out! Links are in the descriptions.



Animals being mistreated is an unfortunate product of humanities over indulgence and corporate greed. What isn’t well known though are the additional effects the animal agriculture industry has on our planet. Especially the beef industry. Cowspiracy documents the actions of a man trying to raise awareness of the environmental issues the cattle industry is directly responsible for, and being turned away by even the most well known philanthropic organisations in the US.

Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, this is a great documentary. Cowspiracy is absolutely the one to watch if you think people only stay away from meat because animals are mistreated in farms.

Purchase Cowspiracy here for only $5.



Speciesism is a brilliant documentary that questions the very concept of animal agriculture, and why it is generally accepted. Are humans better than animals? Why do we have the privilege of farming and eating chickens by the billion every year? Factory farming is a real thing, why don’t we care? Is it because we are smarter, stronger, bigger than them? If so why don’t we also see ourselves better than midgets or the disabled?

Mark takes these questions to the streets and investigates actual factory farms in this thoughtful and inspiring documentary.

Buy a Vimeo pass to watch Speciesism here.



If you are easily sick to the stomach you should probably just stick to the other two I listed for now. Put this one on the to-do list for a day when you think you’re up to it. This documentary is made up of actual footage shot secretly inside Australian pig farms. The state in which pigs are housed, treated, fed and killed is confronting, to say the least. In saying that, this is all actually happening, and in our own country (which makes it even more real), so we should know about it.

It really is a tough watch but make an effort to push through it. It took me a few nights to get through the whole hour and a half or so, however when I did finish it I had the information I needed on the topic. That’s what My Awakening is all about, opening your mind to new things, educating and raising awareness, regardless of how hard the truth is to take in. Watch it to be informed, watch it to be educated, watch it to be aware.

Watch it FOR FREE here.

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